Field Sessions are intimate, one-take music videos that help you experience songs in a new light, connect you to the artists you love, and to songs that capture you. The audio and video are as raw as possible to invite you into a space where you can just experience the heart behind each performance. No flashy setup, no big-budget production. 

It's not meant to be perfect. It's meant to be real, up-close, and transparent. The way music and life should be.


"'Smooth Me Over' is about being instantly attracted to someone, and diving in head first. I think we've all had that moment at some point in our lives - where it's like, "Oh my God, I HAVE to have you."

Cincinnati Singer-Songwriter, Mae Klingler, Covers "Ring Of Fire" by Johnny Cash 

Brent from Aire Alistair performing their song, "When You Go" in Ft. Thomas, KY. "Sounding like a soulful break-up ballad, this song about post-war prisoner resentment dives to a deep level lyrically. How much forgiveness is palatable when our humanity is wronged beyond reason?

Dan Cress playing his song, "Beautiful You Are" at Highland United Methodist Church in Ft. Thomas, KY "This song was really birthed out of the thought that I have nothing left to give God and I am, essentially, a broken tool. Realizing that sometimes we need to be broken for God to repurpose us to His will.

Andrea Summer playing "Trenches" at Crossroads in Cincinnati, OH. Written and Performed by Andrea Summer 

Noah Smith, with Michael Moeller, playing, "Kissing Through The Green Light". Shot & Recorded at 105.3 WOW Country in McMinnville, TN 

Mark Dignam performing "You Went To New York City" at Madison's Square Garden in Cincinnati, OH. Written and Performed by Mark Dignam 

THE STORY: "Possibly the most honest song I've ever written. I remember reading about people living in Vietnam and how there's some crazy amount of land that is still active with landmines, but it's in the middle of communities and so there are times when, to live their lives, they travel across fields or parts of town where they might step on a landmine.

Acoustic performance by The New Schematics of their song, "Born Without Borders" at the Southgate House Revival, Newport, KY. "This was the first song Michael ever heard me play when we met in December 2013. Acoustic and raw like we did it in this video. I dated this girl for almost three years.

Mark Dignam performing "The Night Alive" at Madison's Square Garden in Cincinnati, OH. "The Night Alive" was written by Mark Dignam through a partnership with Pittsburgh's City Theatre Company and inspired by City's production of Conor McPherson's The Night Alive.

Heath McNease playing "A Grief Observed" in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

"I wrote 'High and Low' about my difficulties dealing with my mom passing away. The song was built from Robbie's guitar riff which drives the instrumental; it is deceptively complex, but bright and beautiful, just like she was."