Work is meant to bear good things.

It's common for us to think that work is not good, and its easy to subscribe to this mentality. In a day-and-age where the dollar is the almighty, and where we work tireless nine-to-fives, it's no wonder why the fruit we could be seeing is, actually, nowhere to be found. We've fallen out of love with the process of producing something - mainly because we're not producing nearly enough 'stuff' that really matters.

But we want to. We want to do good work. We want to produce something valuable. Deep down - we all know that money isn't the end-all-be-all, and, eventually, we'll get tired of chasing after it.

As a family business, Fieldhouse Collective has chosen to pursue good work, to produce good things, and to tell good stories. We're looking much further than just the here-and-now. We want our children, and grandchildren, and generations that follow them, to be able to identify with the legacy that we're trying to build. 

Families used to be known for their work. That is the what we want for our namesake. Fieldhouse is the collection of our talents, our passions, our skills. As our house grows, so does our field, and it will be ever-changing, and always evolving. 

Fieldhouse Collective is our family's business.