Slowing Down

I love supporting local businesses - even if I'm not doing work for them. When there's a company or a product that I enjoy and think adds value to my life, I'm going to share it with the people I know. After all... that's how I hope people respond to the services that I provide. 

So, when I say 'adds value", maybe it's a local coffee shop with a great work environment, lots of outlets, and a killer cortado. Or, maybe a screen-printer who consistently puts out inspiring work. It could be any number of things that motivates, inspires, or just completely sets the standard for anyone else doing something similar. Recently - for me -  something adding value means it helps me slow down, sit back, and just enjoy something. The older I get, the more that I try and take time to sit outside, smoke my pipe, and just think. Sometimes, it's about freshly brewed coffee and deep conversations.

Last night, though, slowing down was about cocktails, bourbon, and a locally-made soda-water-tonic-drink-bevergage (it's so unique, I'm not sure what to call it!) called Hopwater.

We went through several concoctions, and landed on two that I would LOVE for you to try, modify, and share - not for selfish reasons, but to support this awesome Cincinnati-based company. Recipes are below! Grab some bourbon, close friends, some Hopwater, and take time to sip slow & take it all in.

It's a good life we get to live, you guys.

A sweet take on the old-fashioned, the New Vintage is like that beautiful hotrod - pretty to look at but'll knock your socks off once it's off the line. The ingredients in this cocktail really give a multi-sensory experience. The mint hits your nose right before that first taste of sweet, carbonated-spike neck-punches your tastebuds and makes you thankful you didn't pass on this drink just because it "looks girly". Trust me - there's nothing girly about this one.

The New Vintage

6 frozen cherries, crushed
Half orange, juiced
6oz ginger hopwater 
2oz Woodford reserve bourbon
Splash of simple syrup
Fresh mint for garnish
Few ice cubes

Shake together, pour, into a separate glass, and get ready, because you're about to black out from all the awesome.

When you're sipping on this one - it says, "I'm simple...but strong. I'll rock a tuxedo while fighting a hungry bear, and.....I've got a beard." The Kennedy reminds me of men-of-old who handled their business well, and, had the respect and admiration of everyone around them. He also probably had a pipe or a cigar close by.

The flavors balance each other well. Not too carbonated, not too bitter, not too alcohol-y. It's just right. Squeeze that orange slice right before you take the first drink to really sweeten the deal.

The Kennedy

4oz ginger Hopwater 
1oz grapefruit Hopwater
2oz Old Forester Signature Bourbon

Shake with ice, orange slice for garnish

Thanks to Hopwater, Woodford Reserve, and Old Forester for making incredible stuff. 

Leave some comments and let me know what you think about these recipes! If you have ways to make them better...I want to know those, too! Love seeing what people create!