Introducing: Field Sessions - Music Videos Blending Entertainment and Empathy

I've written about music. It's been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a musician, I've found some of my most fruitful creative times have been through playing and writing. As a listener/fan/consumer of music, I've been able to associate songs to help me cope, and to celebrate certain moments in my life. Jimmy Eat World helped me handle the angsty emotions of teenage life. Copeland helps me ring in the seasonal-change of summer-to-autumn every year. Underoath and Emery are my go-to bands when I need to release some of that angst that's carried over from my teenage years. Then - I've experienced how a single Hillsong United song can usher in the spirit of peace during an intense and unpredictable labor, and how Josh Garrels always seems to have the exact words and melodies my family needs at any given time.

I'm convinced that music is an eternal tool, gifted to us for temporary circumstances. Songs are meant to be experienced and to evoke emotion. When it's executed well, and realness is the pursuit, music can be extremely intimate and empathetic. 

Enter our new YouTube Channel - Field Sessions (Subscribe Here)


Field Sessions are intimate, one-take music videos that help you experience songs in a new light, connect you to the artists you love, and to songs that capture you. The audio and video are as raw as possible to invite you into a space where you can just experience the heart behind each performance. No flashy setup, no big-budget production. 

In an effort to bring you into the moment, sometimes there will be some background noise (read: cicadas hanging out in the trees, gusts of wind, vibrating guitar strings, missed notes, etc.). It's not meant to be perfect. It's meant to be real, up-close, and transparent. The way music and life should be.

This is the first official Field Session - Mark Dignam: "You Went To New York City"

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