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I applied for a job I didn't need...

And, thankfully....I didn’t get it. 

Yes, it would’ve been amazing to work for one of the most successful breweries in Cincinnati. Yes, it would’ve been great to have consistent income, and benefits, and a normal schedule again. It probably would have been a good opportunity for me to hunker down and focus Fieldhouse into something more specific and intentional, too.  These are all perfect reasons to go for this job that I didn’t need, and that I wasn’t even looking for, to be honest. 

When you at least consider a change in direction with whatever you do, something profound actually happens. You force yourself to prioritize things. You have to decide, first, if you’re even willing to do something different. If you say yes, you’ll likely make a list of needs that will make that change worth it.

For me, to leave my home everyday, be away from my pregnant wife and my daughter, to go work for someone else, building and establishing their brand instead of mine, is a big deal. I would be putting MY brand, MY work on hold to focus on someone else’s.  It needs to be worth it - both in compensation, and in passion. 

So, I worked out a salary (that was, admittedly, higher than what I currently make) I’d be comfortable with and began thinking about everything that Fieldhouse Collective has been and is currently. I started thinking about all of the things I currently do, the services I offer, and considered what it could become in the future if I could afford to focus in on something specific, because as it sits - I do a lot of different things, some of which aren't passions, but just ways to pay the bills. But this consideration, I started dreaming again. I came to realize the difference between the things I do out of necessity, and what I want to do from a place of passion and excitement. Some of it blurred the lines and fit into both - which is awesome. That’s a good sign that those are the things I should be pushing into more.

I’m saying all of this to bring me to this point: Allow yourself to prioritize the things in your life, in your business, in your work. We don’t HAVE to settle for anything, and when we push ourselves into thinking about something different, we can actually find a lot of freedom in what we already have.  Even just the thought of change can give you passion and focus anew.


What are some things you’ve thought about changing that brought about good fruit for your life and/or business?