Current Events | High and Low | Field Sessions

I wrote ‘High and Low’ about my difficulties dealing with my mom passing away. The song was built from Robbie’s guitar riff which drives the instrumental; it is deceptively complex, but bright and beautiful, just like she was.
— - Jacob Aufdenkamp, Vocals/Guitar, Current Events
Current Events, Left to Right: Robbie Adams (guitar), Kevin Bole (bass/vocals), Jacob Aufdenkamp (vocals/guitar), Kyle Wavra (drums)

Current Events, Left to Right: Robbie Adams (guitar), Kevin Bole (bass/vocals), Jacob Aufdenkamp (vocals/guitar), Kyle Wavra (drums)


i've been playing their new, "Need What You Leave" e.p. on repeat since it came out last month (August 2015). It's a refreshing listen-through, with solid lyrical-depth and resonant melodies that dwell in your ear far beyond its twenty-one minute duration. It's hard to believe that this is the band's debut release, and that on the night that we met-up they were preparing and practicing for their debut show. I had the pleasure of not only shooting their song "High and Low" for the Field Sessions, but I got to take some photos of them - hopefully the first of many shoots and videos in the future!


These guys have been working hard writing and perfecting their songs for a couple years now and it's definitely paying off. Do your part in supporting independent artists and local musicians - grab their e.p., "Need What You Leave", watch the "High and Low" Field Session, and share them both with everyone you've ever met.. Kyle, Robbie, Jake, and Kevin are a good group of men and deserve to go places with this band. Don't believe me? Go to their first show on September 3rd, 2015 at the Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY. You'll be glad you did.

Did you buy Current Events' debut e.p., "Need What You Leave"? Tell me what song you love the most in the comments below!