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Filler Moments

By nature, I'm a thinker. I need time to process and strategize; to map things out and approach execution from a state of preparedness. This is probably why I've not had a lot of success shooting lifestyle photography. Put a coffee mug or a tree in front of me, and I'll meticulously find the right angle, the right camera settings, and shift the focus for at least 3 minutes before snapping a single picture. Put a real-life, breathing, thinking, talking, moving person in front of me...I'd have guaranteed you'd get one of those artistic shots, filled with more motion blur than you could handle. I just couldn't seem to grasp it.

But then - I started shooting video for weddings. I got comfortable in the hidden moments. Those instances where you have to be on your toes, or else you'll miss those sun beams peaking through a bride and groom as they slow-dance and instinctively touch their foreheads together. These are those once-in-a-lifetime types of moments. The first things that come to mind when you look back on your favorites, and, not only did I get comfortable with those moments, but I began looking for them. I became more sensitive to everything going on in those moments because i realized that the second I fall back on my heels, I could miss the most intimate and beautiful moments of the whole day.

Because of this - I started capturing more of these moments in my own home, with my own family. I was able to freeze those times where my wife and daughter were snuggling, or when our dog waited in anticipation for her ball to be thrown. These are things that fill our days. They seem common, and typical, and... insignificant. But they aren't. They are the breath of our lives. They're the times that fill in all the gaps between the vacations and the milestones. They are the times that REALLY matter, and I wanted to start creating these little reminders. I started taking more pictures. And what I've found is that these filler-moments, are actually the most important.

And, naturally, when I see the value something has in my life, I want to offer it to others so that they, too, can experience it for themselves.  So, I asked if anyone wanted this, had some takers.... and thus... my first ever lifestyle session ever.

Sarah and Caleb have been dear friends of ours for a few years. We've developed one of those friendships that has withstood some really amazing and exciting times, but also some difficult trials. Their faithfulness as friends is inspiring, and Lanna and I, both, are thankful for their family. What's really cool is that we've both gone through drastic job changes, gotten pregnant at what felt like, to us, the most inopportune time, and have come out of those things having experienced more growth than we'd ever thought possible. We've done this as two families, but a single community alongside each other. It just feels right that Sarah, Caleb, and Solomon Lenoir are my first family lifestyle session.

Though I've spent a lot of time with them, I still walked into this session feeling a little nervous, and a bit out of my element. What if the motion-monster rears it's ugly head and ruins the entire thing? What if I forget to check my ISO, or my shutter was too slow, or I forgot to charge my batteries? The fears of every first-time-lifestyle-photographer. But alas...all did NOT go poorly. In fact...I would say that it was a mighty success, and was the confidence boost I needed to pursue more sessions like theirs. There are definitely some things I will do differently next time, but I love that I have friends who are willing to be my guinea pigs as I work out the kinks of my ongoing pursuit of whatever the heck I'm doing with my life =)

I hope these photos are as a much a blessing and encouragement to you while you view them, as they were for me as a shot them.



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