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Promotional Lifestyle Photography | Cincinnati Area Band, Aire Alistair

I've been a musician for 19 1/2 years. From my humble beginnings of striking the concert-bass drum on the downbeats of a watered-down version of the Irish Jig, to writing, producing, recording, and performing songs of my own, music has been a cornerstone in my life. Some of my greatest accomplishments and proudest moments have been music-related. It's also been the source of a lot of long nights, frustration, heartache,  and unrest. I've seen my best qualities, along with my my worst, surface when music is involved. It's an intimate thing - music. There's a reason why people are so passionate about it, and it's the same reason why EVERY type of creation connects so deeply with our core. You pour yourself into a song, a lyric, a chord the same way you'd pour yourself into a painting, or a sketch, a sculpture, or your novel. Creating anything is thoughtfully reckless in that we intentionally set ourselves up to experience EVERY emotion in sharing our work with others.

I've not actually played much at all for the past year and a half. Life gets busy, seasons change. The things we once would give up everything for become not as foundational, sometimes. Throughout that time, though, I've still had this bug to be involved, in some capacity, in the local music scene but wasn't really sure what that looked like. Having been in a few bands, I've met a lot of people and made a lot of friends. Some have gone a similar route as I have and aren't playing as much. Some of them, however, are more fully entrenched in this industry...this passion...than ever before. One of these people is my friend Brent Reed.

I've known Brent for, like, ten years...or something crazy like that. We've played a lot of music together - both in the same band, and in different bands sharing the stage. I deeply value the impact Brent has had on my life as a fellow musician, worship leader, and friend. He's one of the most humble, talented, passionate, and underrated musicians (and people) in the area, and his ability to keep moving forward, honestly, blows my mind. SO, when he responded to my request for practice photo - sessions, I got really excited. Maybe this was how I could get planted back into Cincinnati music.

Brent needed some promo shots, in addition to the candid photos I was offering, for his newest project, Aire Alistair, as they prepare to launch a crowd-funding campaign for their upcoming album.  My experience having my picture taken in previous bands helped me a lot when it came to grabbing these shots. I knew what to look for, what to suggest (when necessary), and when to be a fly on the wall. I wanted to focus more on positioning, rather than posing, to make the shots feel more natural, and Brent, Abbie, and Nate made it really easy on me!

I  love the way this session turned out, and can't wait to see how Aire Alistair uses these photos to move them into this next season.

Here are some of my favorites from the session....

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