Fieldhouse Collective is a family business

It was created out of a vision that we’ve begun to establish for our family. We started to realize that our work matters - specifically the type of work and why we do it. As a family, we have this desire to create for beauty, and to create for glory. 


The Name.

Back in the day - people survived off what they were able to harvest. Their fields were their source of income and provision. From their crops they fed their families and brought value to their neighbors.

The house is the source of intimacy and community. It’s a place of safety and vulnerability. When you’re home, you are as close to being who you’re meant to be than anywhere else. It’s the place where visions are cast and pursued. It is the place where we discover our identities.

As we grow our family, our fields will expand. Each of us will offer something different - enabling us to bring more value to you - our neighbors. The Hoffman Family is the Fieldhouse Collective and together, we help you craft your identity.


So what does that mean for you?

We’re still in the early stages of growing our family - so we’re not even close to realizing the big picture. As of right now - we help other businesses craft their identity and brand. That might be a logo….or a video script. Maybe you just need someone to narrate your video or write your website copy. Seriously - everything from family portraits to full branding - we can probably help you out.


About our family

Lanna is a wife and mother, creator of herbal remedies, skilled photographer, artist, reader, and aspiring chicken-owner who loves spending time in the garden. 

Matt is a husband and father, graphic designer, photographer, videographer, writer, drummer, and currently building his pipe-collection. 

Tessa is a daughter, amateur crawler, professional drooler, and expert thumb-sucker. Don’t be fooled by her size - that little girl has a big, big heart.


We live in Cincinnati, OH, but hope to, one day, own a plot of land and grow as much of our own food as possible. Yeah - we’re those people.