People used to rely on their harvest to survive. Their fields were their source of income and provision. From their crops they fed their families and brought value to their neighbors.

The house is the source of intimacy and community. It’s a place of safety and vulnerability. When you’re home, you are as close to being who you’re meant to be than anywhere else. It’s the place where visions are cast and pursued. It is the place where we discover our identities.

Fieldhouse Collective is the work of the Hoffman Family, and as our family grows, our fields will expand. We are passionate about Identity, Hospitality, and Legacy and that fuels everything we do.



When it comes to coffee, some of us love the craft, the art, the intricacies that make us think about what we're drinking. We notice when the grind is off, or the water's too hot (or too cold), and if the milk & espresso don't quite mix the way they're meant to, all is lost. Here's the thing, though - the overall experience is more powerful than the caffeine.

It's about the people, the aesthetic, and the environment. Everything that surrounds that cup contributes adds to the story

novel creative

We're drawn to people who know exactly who they are. When they share their truth for the sake of others, we listen and often attach ourselves to it. Their truth becomes our truth.

Novel helps compassionate businesses & organizations hone their identitiescraft their brands, and share their truths using beautiful design and compelling content.  When your stories point people back to the heart of your brand, engagement changes and your customers become followers.